The state of Oregon does not have laws in place that adequately protect schoolchildren from toxins such as carbon monoxide, lead, mold, radon, and asbestos. Senate Bill 1047 takes aim at this serious problem by requiring school districts to develop and adopt a plan, approved by the Department of Education, to test for these and other environmental hazards and disseminate these test results.

Just last year, high lead levels were found in water sources at 96 out of 97 tested public schools in Portland. In one school, the lead levels were more than four times greater than the highest level detected in Flint, Michigan.

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning may get less national attention but is no less concerning. Known as the “silent killer,” CO causes more than 400 American deaths and more than 4,000 hospitalizations every year. The only way to detect CO is with a working CO alarm.  Adequate detection and testing can prevent these incidents from happening in Oregon.

Senator Dembrow and others introduced Senate Bill 1047 to require school testing for elevated levels of environmental hazards and to establish the necessary funds to provide financial assistance to school for this testing. Parents and teachers across the state need to know that their children are protected from preventable catastrophes—and SB 1047 will do just that.

Contact your state senators today, and tell them to support SB 1047.


See the infographic and learn more about carbon monoxide.